admission standards and class allocation

Summer residential 2021 Admission standards 

Students must have passed their ninth birthday and not be more than nineteen years of age. Senior students (aged 14 and over), those not in vocational training must be preparing for or have taken their RAD Intermediate or be able to prove, through a reference letter from their teacher, that they are at a similar level of training. Junior Students (aged 9 – 13), those not in vocational training should have passed their Grade 4 Examination. The Director may also take into account a student’s performance and behaviour at any previous Summer School attended by the student. If the number of students meeting the Admission Standards exceeds the total number of places available, the Director’s decision as to which students are allocated places is final.


Students may apply for one week or two weeks at the Summer School. In the event of numbers exceeding the quota for any week you may be asked to change your application to an alternative week.

class allocation for all courses


Students must accept their class allocation. Class allocations are made once all applications have been processed and will not be communicated until arrival at the course.


Students must in addition be able to cope with the standard of dance which will be taught in the class to which the student is most appropriately allocated. A student allocated to a class above their level will not benefit substantially from that class and the possibility of injury or discouragement increases. Students must accept their class allocation. The Director’s decision is final.

In allocating places or in allocating a student to a class, the Director will make an assessment of the student based on the submitted application and any other information supplied in connection with it. The Director will take into account the result of any independent enquiry which the Director might make (e.g. of the student’s ballet school).


The Director will also take into account the student’s performance and behaviour at any previous YBS events attended by the student. The Director, in consultation with the faculty, may re-allocate students during any YBS event if their performance requires it.

Scholarships Auditions


Scholarships may be awarded to students who, having met the Admission Standards, show particular talent at the Scholarship Audition. The Auditions are judged by a panel of not less than three, comprising dancers at senior level and/or experienced dance teachers, led by the Director. Scholarships are awarded by the Director on the basis of the panel’s assessment of the Auditions and may take into account a student’s performance at any previous YBS course attended.. The Director’s decision is final. Students

who show particular talent but who also qualify for a Bursary may be awarded a Bursary in lieu of a Scholarship.




The Director will assess any application for a Bursary taking into account whether a family is living on significantly less than the national average wage and/or in receipt of benefits or income support or is receiving a bursary for dance study from any ballet school. Applicants will have to provide written proof of the grounds relied on. YBS may require provision of tax returns submitted by the family which supports the student, supplemented by a statement of means, before deciding on any application. The Director will refer to the Trustees in any case of doubt before awarding a Bursary and in any cases where he believes that it may be necessary to request submission of tax returns and a statement of means. The Director’s decision is final.