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• Do not invite anyone into the College other than family.

• Students 16+ can only leave campus if their parents have given consent and MUST adhere to the following guidelines;


Students must be in a group of at least three and must stay together at all times.

All students in the group must sign in and it when leaving campus.

Students must only leave if they have sufficient time between lessons. 

Students aged 14 - 17 Must return to campus by 20:00.

Students aged 18+ Must return to campus by 21:00.

No student is permitted to be off Campus after 21:00.

• Students under the age of 16 are not permitted to leave campus unless they are with a parent, guardian or member of staff with permission.

• Read the Fire Instructions, make sure you know where to go if the fire alarm sounds. This will be explained at the induction meeting.

• Respect and take care of all College property. Any damage to YBS or property belonging to the college must be reported immediately to a member of YBS staff and may be charged to the student.

• Leave money and valuables with your Houseparent for safekeeping. YBS will not be responsible for loss of any personal items.

Alcohol is NOT allowed on the premises. If found, students will be sent home immediately. Any student thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed from the course with measures to have the student leave the premises started immediately. 

• Wear your name badge in class and around the College campus.

• Bedtimes - 13 and under 9pm. All other students must be in their rooms by 10pm.

• Any student found out of their room after bedtime without valid reason may be sent home.

• Do not make or receive phone calls after 9pm, respect your fellow students.

• Use of mobile phones is not permitted in the studios during any classes. 

• If you are not taking class you are encouraged to watch other classes.

• Evening events are compulsory. Masterclasses and other events have been planned for your enjoyment and learning.

• Students should not rehearse unaccompanied outside of class and never without the express
permission of your dance teacher or the Director.

• In the event of illness or similar problems, please contact your Houseparent or the Director

• If you have suffered an injury you must consult the dance teacher leading your class before
taking part. You may only take part if your dance teacher deems you fit for class.

• Please inform any member of the Pastoral faculty if you suffer from any

• Any breaking the Rules, misbehaviour or nonattendance to class will not be tolerated. If this
occurs your Parents/Guardians will be notified and you may be sent home.


Students are encouraged to use common sense regarding all these Rules. If in any doubt, please ask the Director or your Houseparent.

Cira Robinson


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